We bring you

world class tequila

“For the pleasure of giving you a unique taste and a memorable experience”

"We have dedicated more than 25 years of experience in the production of alcoholic beverages, mainly Tequila , oriented towards two market segments: industrial sales and sales of origin products".


El Patriota Agave Spirits were formed by a group of tequila investors and entrepreneurs to create their own business opportunities , generate work, and
well-being. We contribute to the professional development of brands
aimed at the final consumer without neglecting the existing industrial marketing.


In this way, we have carried out the production of tequila to serve
it's two main markets: industrial sales in bullk to other manufacturers
registered in the industry and sales of maquila production and
packaging to private brands

Brands development

We build beautiful brands that bring together our clients
desires, ideas, and dreams on a exquisit and unique way.
We're truly convinced on the power that a good and strong
image can do, it gives a voice of its own.

Production and sale of
bulk tequila

Since 1998 the Tequila industry has seen a constant and
substantial increase in both production and market share.
This situation motivated us to invest in the acquisition
of more efficient production equipment and increase the
production plant.

Human capital as a value

We are aware that human capital is in fact a very important value in every company and it’s because 

of this that all of our collaborators recieve constant training programs so they all are at the current level 

of the market demands. 


Also we like to generate a spirit of work and collaboration. 

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